By Dewi Ayu Paraswati


This report descriptio of Breast Cancer diagnosis using Machine Learning Algorithms. I invistigated 4 Algorithms :
- Logistic Regression
- Decission Tree
- Random Forest
- Suport Vector Machine

The dataset used in this report is Breast Cancer Wisconsin hosted in Kaggle. Data Set can be…

Task 1: Initialize data only if the database is empty

1.1 Add a method to the DAO to get a single word

  • In the WordDao interface, add a method to get any word:
@Query("SELECT * from word_table LIMIT 1")
Word[] getAnyWord();

1.2 Update the initialization method to check whether data exists

PopulateDBAsync is an inner class in WordRoomDatbase. In PopulateDBAsync, update the doInBackground() method to check whether the database has any words before initializing the data:

protected Void doInBackground(final Void... params) {…

Task 1. Add Search

1.1. Add an Options Menu with Search item

Use the OptionsMenuSample code from your previous practicals if you need an example of how to do this.

  • In your project, create an Android Resource directory and call it menu with “menu” as the resource type (res > menu).
  • Add a main_menu.xml menu resource file to res > menu.
  • Create…

A SQLite database is a good storage solution when you have structured data that you need to store persistently and access, search, and change frequently.

What you should already KNOW

For this practical you should be familiar with:

  • Creating, building, and running apps in Android Studio.
  • Displaying data in a RecyclerView.
  • Using adapters as intermediaries…

Task 1: Add a switch setting to an app

In this task, you do the following:

  • Create a new project based on the Basic Activity template, which provides an options menu.
  • Add a toggle switch (SwitchPreference) with attributes in a preference XML file.
  • Add an activity for settings and a fragment for a specific setting. To maintain compatibility with…

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